Science Jokes For Kids

Science Jokes For Kids

Science jokes are funny every time, especially if you’re science nerds like us. Check out our collection of the best science jokes for kids. These classroom appropriate jokes include science jokes and puns that are great for all ages.

Jokes About Science For Kids

Science Jokes For Kids
20 Science Jokes for Kids

Whether you are in high school or elementary school, science always sets the stage for funny jokes. Whether it’s data science jokes, computer science jokes, big bang theory science jokes or science lab jokes, everyone can always appreciate a good laugh. 

20 School Jokes For Kids

1. How Does The Moon Get A Harcut?

Answer: Eclipse It

2. What Type Of Bears Dissolve In Water

Answer: Polar Bears

3. Why Did The Germ Cross The Microscope?

Answer: To get To The Other Side

4. What’s A Tornado’s Favorite Game To Play?

Answer: Twister

5. Why Are Chemists So Good At Problems?

Answer: Because They’re Always Working With Solutions

6. Do You Know Why I Don’t Trust Atoms?

Answer: Because They Make Up Everything

7. What’s The Difference Between A Marine Biologist And A Dog?

Answer: A Dog Wags A Tail While The Other Tags A Whale

8. Want To Hear A Joke About Potassium?

Answer: K

9. How Much Room Do Fungi Need To Grow?

Answer: As Mushroom As Possible

10. What Do You Do If Your Science Jokes Don’t Get A Laugh?

Answer: Keep Trying Until You Get A Reaction

11. What’s The Matter?

Answer: Solid, Liquid, Gas

12. Did You Hear About Sodium Hypobromite?

Answer: NaBr0

We Make Terrible Science Puns, But Only Periodically.

13. Does Anyone Know Any Good Jokes About Sodium?

Answer: Na

14. What Do You Call A Joke That’s Based On Cobalt, Radon & Yttrium?

Answer: CoRnY

15. What Should You Do With A Sick Chemist?

Answer: If You Can’t Helium And You Can’t Curium, Then You Might As Well Barium.

16. What Do You Call An Acid With An Attitude?

Answer: A-Mean-Oh-Acid

17. Why Did The Cloud Date The Fog?

Answer: Because They Were So Down To Earth
Seismic Activity

18. One Tectonic Plate Bumped Into Another And Said….

Answer: I’m Sorry, My Fault

19. A Neutron Walks Into A Bar And Asks The Bartender “How Much For A Drink?”

Answer: The Bartender Replied “For You, No Charge”

20. Did You Hear Oxygen Went On A Date With Potassium?

Answer: I Hear It Went OK.

Science Jokes & Puns

We hope that you enjoyed our collection of hilarious science jokes for kids. Whether you’re a future computer scientist, a lab chemist or a science class student, these jokes are made to brighten your day. From periodic table jokes to science jokes about matter, there is something for everybody. 

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